Okay wow looking back at old messages I’ve come to the conclusion that I have indeed gotten more duller and pathetic in the past year. I mean, I’ve always been pathetic, but not like this. No, never like this.  Where’s Macklemore when you need him? Where is my Kaoru to my Kyo?

To be honest, I’m not even that invested into Eva… or GitS… or Cowboy Bebop… or really any anime. I’m just mostly drawn to the aesthetics and/or undertones. Not the actual execution of said shows. So whatever I say of whatever will most likely be uniformed and woefully… woefully wrong. Sorry my anime loving nerds, I have fooled you all.

Lethian Dreams // Under Her Wings


A fascinating and troubling poet of the digital age, Ikeda’s profound investigations in sound, time and space have their basis in mathematical methods which result in works of spare, sublime, if occasionally ear-splitting beauty. Spanning the microscopic to the infinite, his performances, installations and artworks variously produce sine waves, sound pulses, pixels of light and numerical data - sometimes in extraordinary combinations.


Eliott Lilly artwork.